A Successful Event

On Saturday 6th July 2019 we had a charity event in aid of the charity Smile Train. 
As you may know this charity provides free surgery for children in developing countries all over the world who have cleft lip/palate. We enjoyed the run up to the event with the whole team getting involved and practicing their baking skills for the big day where we sold cakes, cookies, brownies, quiche, samosa and so much more to raise money for this great charity. 
We would like to thank every person who donated and/or attended the event, so far we have manage to raise £344.48 which is amazing and we are very proud of. We would like to raise a little bit more and hit a target of £400.00 if possible any donation will make a difference and if you would like to make one the link is below, alternatively we do have a collection pot in practice. Every child deserves to smile so thank you for any donation made. 








Check us out on the Kent Online website below where our event was mentioned