Membership Plan

Research shows that preventative dentistry delivered on a regular basis greatly reduces the risk of dental disease and provides a platform for a lifetime of improved oral health. You only have one set of teeth to last a lifetime, so why not take care of your teeth with our affordable preventative membership plan.

Our membership plan is a simple and easy way to spread the cost of your annual dental maintenance, including regular check-ups and hygienist appointment. By joining, members will receive many benefits including discounted treatments*, priority appointments and an optional worldwide dental accident and emergency cover.

Being on a membership plan puts you at a lower risk of developing dental decay or gum disease as it encourages members to attend appointments on a regular basis. 


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*Joining fee is a one-off payment and is separate from the monthly cost. 

To find out more about our membership plan give us a call on 01474 355493 or email

To sign up to one of our membership plans click here

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