A Very Warm Welcome To Bespoke Dental Care

Bespoke Dental Care is a private practice and has been opened in association with Bespoke Denture Centre, to offer you a first class service, providing all your dental care in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Our aim is to make your visit to the Dentist as stress free as possible allowing you to discuss your needs and treatment options in an unhurried and welcoming atmosphere.

We will ensure that you fully understand all aspects of your treatment planning and costs involved so that you are able to make an informed choice before you commence any treatment.

Whilst you’re here check out our News page for all of the latest updates and why not have a look at our Offers page where you’ll find all of our best deals we’ve put together for you.


Emergency Dental Treatments

If you require emergency, out-of-surgery hours treatments, please call the practice for details of an out-of-hours service.
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Gravesham Business Awards 2022 Finalist

Check out our blog post on being finalists at the Gravesham Business awards 2022




Treatment Coordinator Service

We offer a complimentary treatment coordinator service which allows patients to talk to a member of staff about treatment, payment methods, concerns or questions in a non-clinical, relaxed setting. This service is particularly helpful for nervous patients or patients that have numerous treatments on their treatment plans.

If you would like to book in for a FREE consultation with our treatment coordinator simply call on
01474 355493 or send us an email to info@bespoke-dentalcare.co.uk

What Can CBD Do For People with ET?

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How does CBD work?

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How much CBD oil did you give to your pet and how often?

I give my dog CBD oil (Purekana) about once a day, and I’ve seen a remarkable improvement in his anxiety levels. CBD oil Pure Kana has been shown to be incredibly effective in reducing anxiety levels in both people and pets. In fact, many pet owners report that CBD oil is the only thing that has successfully treated their pet’s anxiety. I would recommend starting with a small dose (1-2 drops of CBD oil per day), and gradually increasing the dosage as needed. CBD oil can be safely given to pets of all sizes, and it’s important to note that there are no negative side effects associated with its use.

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