Nervous Patients

Nervous Patients

We understand that for some visiting the dentist isn’t the nicest of things to do which is why we try to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

We recently introduced a treatment coordinator service to the practice; this allows patients to sit with a knowledgeable member of staff in a non-clinical setting and go through any questions or worries that you may have, both before and after your check-up appointment.

We have a team of very experienced individuals who know how to cater to nervous patients, we won’t rush you and if you ever need the dentist to stop so you can take a breather they will.

We also have a few options available to help patients relax such as stress balls, choosing what type on music you would like and breathing techniques.

We enjoy seeing our nervous patients being able to relax a little more each time they come to see us.
Dental health is very important and can affect other aspects of your life, if you would like to book in for a consultation with our treatment coordinator to discuss your options.