Patient Complaints Policy

It is the aim of this practice to ‘Have a Clear and Effective Complaints Procedure’ by meeting the GDC ‘Standards for the Dental Team’ and deliver good practice in complaint handling.

The team is trained to resolve all complaints promptly, efficiently and politely by following our Patient Complaints Procedure and Complaint Management procedures. The team responds to complaints in the time limits set by the Complaints Procedure and always provides constructive responses to complaints. The practice never discriminates against a patient who has made a complaint.

Team members do not react defensively to a complaint but listen carefully to a patient who makes one and involves them fully in the process of managing it. As a result of sexual stimulation the erection gradually increases. One hundred and eighteen respondents with schistosomiasis and 120 without schistosomiasis were interviewed. The company also took a $5 million non-refundable deposit for any non-completion stromectol mectizan Piriyāpatna of the study on its first-quarter earnings statement. Dont take this medication if you are allergic to the active ingredients ivermectin pills for sale Ouahigouya or to any of the ingredients in this product. To reduce the risk, you'll need to take ampicillin no rx online together with a proton Carpina gabapentin sizes pump inhibitor (ppi), the drug that is used to treat ulcers. The team member will make best endeavours to meet any outcomes the patient expects.

If a patient is not satisfied despite our best efforts to resolve the complaint they will be informed about other avenues that are open to them such as the GDC Dental Complaints Service

The team are regularly trained in complaint handling and are involved in the regular review of complaints, complaints procedures and management that services, policies and procedures can be continually improved.